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First of all, ranking in major search engines like Google & Yahoo isn't something your site deserves, ranks are something your site earns by naturally being the most relevant result. If your pages aren't listed months after being published = they probably don't convey useful information properly, may have code errors, or possibly contain duplicate or outdated content - RELEVANCE.

You are right to not trust most SEO companies. In most cases you should get more traffic for your site (unless they do something stupid like spamming keywords or linking scams). But, if you have to hire a SEO in the first place - you probably aren't qualified to accurately judge how complete of a job they do. SEO is relatively new and the technology curve is changing so rapidly.

Optimization, by definition, cannot be accomplished. It is a long process that continually changes according to markets, technology, a lot of testing, and many more factors. Something that is optimized perfectly for today, most likely isn't optimized for tomorrow. clients are chosen. If you ask - we might help you. We prefer not to advise webmasters, nor marketing departments, nor corprate websites. We are here to help small business owners who are trying to market a company, service, or product online. All of our work is guaranteed.

1. Submit your site's URL with a list of your problem files.
2. Explain exactly what you want to accomplish, and why.

If we approve of your website, we will offer a free initial consultation.

SEO can increase your rank, improve ROI, and optimize your marketing campaigns.


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a web site's rank and listings in search engine results. Millions of people do billions of searches everyday on search engines like Google and Yahoo. If these people are searching for products or services that your business offers, you want to be able to let them know that you are there.

SEO is the future of online marketing. In addition to marketing directly to clients and customers, you can passively market your web site to all the search engines and to the millions of users that are searching for your business. Web site optimization and search engine marketing are practices that every eBusiness needs if they want to receive more traffic on their web sites and be able to compete in a world market.


What Does SEO do for a Web Site ?

When a web site is properly "optimized", it gets indexed in search engine databases all over the world. When potential customers are searching the web for products to buy, they type in exactly what they want. If "what they want" is something that you offer on your web site, an ad comes up with a link directly to your web page.

Your web site is like an ad or a TV commercial. However, it only works if people see it. You should have a free listing in every single search engine for each content page that you have on your web site.


Will SEO increase traffic on my web site?

Yes. SEO increase the traffic on your web site and it will also raise the quality of traffic that you are getting. The people that are finding your listing and clicking on it visit your site because they WANT to. You wont have to do as much "selling" because they are already interested in what you have to offer (that's why they came).


Why do I need SEO?

SEO will increase site traffic so you can do more business. Achieve higher site ranks and improve your placement and positioning in the search engine listings. In today's competitive market, simply submitting URLs just isn't enough.

When internet users go to Google or Yahoo! to do searches, they type in what they want to see or buy. If someone types in keywords that are related to your online business, you want them to see an advertisement for your company that is compelling enough to make them want to visit your website.


What is the ROI on SEO?

The ROI for search engine optimization is huge. You are already paying for website development and maintenance, web hosting, domain names, ongoing marketing, and staff or consultants. SEO will ensure that you are getting the greatest possible ROI for the costs that go into maintaining an online presence. It's called "optimization" because it allows you to get the biggest bang for your bucks. This is really something to look into if you are not sure if your web site is search engine optimized; you are missing out on a lot of traffic and business if your website is not properly listed in the search engines.


Can you design a web site for me?

Yes. In today's booming world market, you need to be advertising your business online. Advertising online is much more affordable than traditional newspaper or yellow page ads and there is a greater return on your investment (ROI).

We can design new web sites from scratch or improve and enhance existing web sites. Expect nothing less than a high-end top-of-the-line web site from us. We offer a full range of business solutions for the Internet.

Internet marketing consultants will interview you and create a plan with goals to achieve an internet presence or an eCommerce solution. Business marketing consultants will provide a plan for the layout of the site and help you to decide what pages will be needed. Graphic designers will create a GUI interface for your site including site logos, images and web graphics, animations, fonts, titles, and page layouts. Web image experts will make sure that your images are all of quality appearance and properly sized for the internet. Technology consultants will advise you on what can and cannot be done with a web site. Our copywriters can even help you out with page content, text enhancement services, copywriting, proofreading, and even language translations.

Advanced sites can be outfitted with eCommerce solutions like shopping carts and the abiity to process orders live online via checks or credit cards. Sell products and services directly online.


Can you make my web site better?

Yes. We can evaluate your site and interview you about your goals. If we can't make your site better, we won't charge you. We have expert consultants in the fields of technology, marketing, business, Internet, digital imaging, digital media, and much more.


Can I do my own SEO Inhouse?

As long as you know how. This web site will soon be offering a step-by-step eBook that explains how to perform SEO on your own web site using the latest coding techniques and search engine technology. This marketing tutorial is all you need to learn about how to get your site listed in the search engines. If you do all of the research and coding yourself, you can effectively market your website online without spending a penny more.

With this eBook, you will be able to learn the different processes that are necessary to optimize a web site for eCommerce. Learn what needs to be done to drive traffic directly to your site, and learn what not to do to ensure that your ranks and listings are not penalized by any of the search engines. Learn how to effectively research the keywords that will work best for your business. Compile your own powerful meta tags. Even learn how to do your own search engine submissions and sitemaps.

This is a very affordable approach to do-it-yourself SEO. Internet marketing with SEO can be fun and easy (even for beginners).


10 Good Reasons to Modernize Your Website


  1. Organic S.E.O. = R.O.I.
  2. Web 2.0: Social Networking
  3. W3C Code Validation
  4. Web Site Accessibility
  5. Advanced SEO Copywriting
  6. Custom Web Imaging
  7. Automate Repetitive Tasks
  8. Site Architecture
  9. Update Your Site's Information
  10. Add Advanced Site Features

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