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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a web site's rank and listings in search engine results. Millions of people do billions of searches everyday on search engines like Google and Yahoo. If these people are searching for products or services that your business offers, you want to be able to let them know that you are there.

We not only optimize your web site for search engines, We FOCUS on your HUMAN visitors. We track your website's traffic and optimize your web pages to provide an optimized ROI and company exposure. Not only will we tag your HTML code properly so your prospective clients can find you, we will make your site easier to use so visitors find what they want quickly, stay longer, return often, and tell their friends about you.

Note: Don't be fooled by eMail marketing campaigns that promise increased traffic for a one-time fee of $99 and the flick of a switch. Optimization is not a button that you switch on and off. When a web site is optimized = it will achieve OPTIMUM RESULTS depending on your specific criteria, business market, and audience. Optimization is a constant process of researching, monitoring, and adjusting (otherwise known as work).

"That which is optimized for today, is probably not optimized for tomorrow."


SEO Return On Investment (ROI)

The Return On Investment (R.O.I.) for Search Engine Optimization is among the highest rates of any type of marketing. The ultimate goal of marketing is to collect a financial return on your investment of time and money spent on advertising.

You are spending hundreds and thousands of dollars designing, producing, hosting, and maintaining your web site to advertise your business online - why not spend a little extra time to ensure that new visitors can actually FIND your site? Otherwise, you are relying on people finding your site by typing in your URL from your business card.

Say your $1000 web site gets 100 visitors each month with a conversion rate of 2% and you're making $100 profit from each sale:

100 x 2% x $100 = $200 per month

Total ROI: 20% / month

Proper SEO could get this same site 1000 new visitors (each month). Plus, these new visitors from search engines are already interested in your products (effectively increasing your conversion rate):

1000 x 4% x $100 = $4000 per month

Total ROI: 400% / month

The financial benefits of SEO are exponential - plus it increases productivity worldwide by allowing all of us to get our work/research done faster online. Don't waste your precious time trying to keep up with the rapidly changing learning curve of this technology; do what YOU are good at and let us tackle the marketing technology for you.


SEO Passively Advertises Your Web Site

When a web site is properly "optimized", it gets indexed with high-ranking results on search engine databases all over the world. While millions of potential customers search the web for products to buy, they type in exactly what they want. If "what they want" is something that you offer on your web site, your ad appears with a link directly to your web site.

Your web site is like an ad or a TV commercial that is playing constantly on the Internet. However, it only works if people see it. You should have a free listing in every single search engine for each content page that you have on your web site.


SEO Will Increase Traffic on Your Web Site

SEO increases the traffic on your web site and it will also raise the quality of traffic that you are getting. The people that are finding your listing and clicking on it visit your site because they WANT to. You wont have to do as much "selling" because they are already interested in what you have to offer (that's why they came).


SEO is The Fututre of Internet Marketing

SEO is the future of internet marketing. In addition to direct online marketing, you can passively market your web site through all of the search engines to the millions of users that are searching for your business. Web site optimization and search engine marketing are practices that every eBusiness needs if they want to receive more traffic on their web sites and be able to compete in a world market.

The ROI on search engine optimization is huge. You are already paying for website development and maintenance, web hosting, domain names, and staff or consultants. SEO will ensure that you are getting the greatest possible ROI for the costs that go into maintaining an online presence. It's called "optimization" because it allows you to get the biggest bang for your bucks. This is really something to look into if you are not sure if your web site is search engine optimized; you are missing out on a lot of traffic and business if your website is not properly listed in the search engines.

When internet users go to Google or Yahoo! to do searches, they type in what they want to see or buy. If someone types in keywords that are related to your online business, you want them to see an advertisement for your company that is compelling enough to make them want to visit your website and maybe even buy your products or use your services.

We assist with writing your search engine listings and show you how to develop a powerful list of keywords. We recode all of the tags on your web pages. We submit your site to all of the major search engines for you. Then you can enjoy the waves of traffic that will begin to splash into your web site and watch them as they exponentially increase to a maximized and optimized level.


Ten Good Reasons to Modernize Your Website


  1. Organic S.E.O. = R.O.I.
  2. Web 2.0: Social Networking
  3. W3C Code Validation
  4. Web Site Accessibility
  5. Advanced SEO Copywriting
  6. Custom Web Imaging
  7. Automate Repetitive Tasks
  8. Site Architecture
  9. Update Your Site's Information
  10. Add Advanced Site Features




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