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null (a division of One SMALL Business, LLC) is a Web Design & Development company that specailizes in Search Engnine optimization (SEO). This is the original "SEO Web Marketing" site; there are already many copies or knock-offs of this site so don't be fooled by sweet talkers. If you have any doubts, call and ask our experts to evaluate your website (in person, over the phone, at no cost). was founded in 2006 by Brett Syverson. Brett learned modern marketing practices while working at one of the top grossing architectural firms in Minnesota as a Project Manager, CAD Drafter, Marketing & IT Specialist. Brett has been programming computers since he was eight years old and was taught how to create digital images on computers in the fifth grade (20+ years of experience). Brett took advanced courses in Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and Illustrator over ten years ago - now boasting a solid decade of daily experience with the Internet, information technology, graphic design, elite web design, custom web imaging, multimedia production, database develpoment, and advanced research. is an ethical, white-hat web site optimization firm that only uses natural keywords that are RELEVANT to your business. All of our work is completed by experts (humans, not computers) custom-tailored for each of our clients. We only work with privately owned businesses whos owners are interested in increasing their exposure and marketing campaigns - and are willing to work at it. You can't just push a button and expect to get more traffic; there is much more to online marketing these days. If you can't handle ethical marketing, you can look up our "competition" (some who have recently purchased domain names that are oddly similar to ours) - but don't expect your boost in traffic to last long because when search engines changes their algorithms, your site could be banned if your SEO is not ethical or natural. Google is interested in leading their clients to QUALITY CONTENT that is the "Answer to the Question" - not to those who pretend to be and show nothing more than duplicated content and ads on their pages.

Brett is one of the good guys. He was a Sunday School teacher for three years (three seperate hour-long classes one of those years) and has volunteered hundreds of times to help kids and the less-fortunate - doing everything from buying toys for poor kids who wrote letters to Santa, to serving turkey dinner at the soup line downtown. Brett's business ethics are untouchable and his greatest goal is to prove that you don't have to cheat to have a successful business. is currently designing a website (pro bono) for some local churches that have combined together to improve their community. (and One SMALL Business, LLC) have also been helping our friends start, run, manage, and market their own companies for years. We are currently producing five brand new web sites from scratch (some of the new companies don't even have logos yet).


Who is Brett Syverson?

Brett first got into marketing when he was an architect building schools because they fired the marketing manager and nobody else knew how to use the high-end creative applications like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & Quark Xpress to update the presentation boards. He advanced as he created many proposals to build new schools to the point of a stack of 16 bound books to present to the school board. Brett even redesigned their website in 1998, which was the first time he ever used Dreamweaver. He took photos of all their schools and many of his marketing pieces are still used to this day on their website. One of the partners kept saying that Brett needed to get into web design because his talents were so amazing.

Brett Syverson has taken specific classes in computer networking, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, and Macromedia Dreamweaver. He has used Photoshop and Dreamweaver daily for decades. Brett has designed dozens of websites for himself, and about 50 for clients. His traditional marketing skills, creativity, graphic design, copy-writing skills, and flawless HTML are already enough to produce the best looking, best working websites online. However he found out while working on an art store website, that Google ranks can be manipulated simply by giving Google the information that they need to make a decision if this website is a good match for whatever their clients are searching.

That's when Brett started and started building websites as a profession. He only works for small business owners - and he refuses to work for marketing firms or large corporations, even though he could make a lot more money. Our clients enjoy beautiful, easy to use websites with #1 Google Ranks. All our work for the past 10 years has been through client referrals, so Brett doesn't usually have to do marketing for his own companies and he is devoted full-time to our existing clients. Brett has just married a woman in Europe, and he needs more income to support her illness and for traveling - so for the first time in a deceade, we are actively seeking new clients.


Want to know more?

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