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If you are not sure what you are doing for SEO on your business website, then you really need to do some research and hire a consultant to learn how you can use SEO to advertise very effectively and efficiently for practically no cost other than your time.

If your teenage daughter's blog looks better than your company's website, then you need to consider a new website layout and Customized WordPress Themes. If you have no logo and you are still using a free blog theme from 2010, then you need professional graphic design. If you don't own your domain name or you are paying more than $10/month for your domain name, web hosting, eMail, and 24/7 tech support, then you are getting ripped-off!


Is Your Website an Asset or Liability?

Is your website easy to use?

Do you OWN your domain name?

Is your website modern or 5 years old?

Does your website look good on EVERY device?

Does it look professional or look like a hobby website?

Does your site convey your brand name within 3 seconds?

Are you paying more than $10/month for web hosting & eMail?

Do you know how many people visit your site and what they look at?


Don't think you can afford a professional website? Better think again; our competition charges up to 10x more for lower quality results. Contact now to find out just how easy and affordable it actually is to OWN an elite SEO website & blog.


10 Good Reasons to Modernize Your Website



Organic S.E.O. = R.O.I.


Web 2.0: Social Networking


W3C Code Validation


Web Site Accessibility


Advanced SEO Copywriting


Custom Web Imaging


Automate Repetitive Tasks


Site Architecture


Update Your Site's Information


Add Advanced Site Features




Organic SEO produces high ROI

Organic SEO has the highest Return On Investment (ROI) of any form of business marketing. SEO boosts the impact of your website by driving RELEVANT TRAFFIC to your site. The amount of time spent on SEO directly increases gross revenues and profits in two ways: more people go to your site, plus the people who visit are ALREADY INTERESTED in what you are selling.

We have all heard about the nightmares of click-fraud involved with Pay-Per-Click advertising in search engines like Google AdWords, Yahoo's Panama, and all over the web sprawled across our favorite websites in the form of banners and ad links - BUT did you realize that SEO can actually control the NATURAL ORGANIC SEARCH RESULTS that appear under the paid listings?

Recent tests indicate that only children under the age of 18 actually look at the parts of Google's results page where ads are listed; the rest of us have become immune to the ads. People are finally realizing that the first few results in the 'Sponsored Listings' box (and down the right side of the results page) aren't necessarily the most RELEVANT results for your search; they represent the company that is willing to pay the most money to lure visitors to their sites to make purchases to pay for their very expensive advertising. If there is one thing that is certain on the Internet: people are sick of pushing advertising out of our way to find the answers to our questions. You don't want to be an ad on the page that has their answer - you want to BE THE ANSWER. uses ETHICAL ORGANIC SEO to label your information in a manner that makes it more accessible to the search engines that serve millions of people who are constantly searching for information, products, and services on the Internet. When used properly, SEO actually increases global production and general knowledge by allowing all of us to index and find information faster than ever before.

Call and ask what you can do to become the #1 result in search engines for your keywords. Reel in the traffic naturally - even while you're away reeling in Northerns. Once we do SEO work for you, our ethics prohibit us from doing similar work for your competition. Optimize your site before your competition even figures out what S.E.O. stands for.


Web 2.0 Social Networking

Web 2.0 has brought us an incredibly powerful channel in which to focus new marketing efforts. Business owners across the globe are channeling their marketing resources into the massive online communities on the Internet where word of mouth rules. Social Networking can be an effective way to market your business if your target market is searching for products and services on the Web.

Web 2.0 is NOT about a new way to "sell" your products and services, it's about helping your clients by INFORMING them about your business and EDUCATING them in your area of expertise; build up the kinds of trust and credibility that lead to long-lasting client relationships. It's much easier for new clients to trust you if they were referred to you by someone they already trust whom already has a long history with your company. Web 2.0 is NOT something you pay a guy in India that barely speaks English to manage for you - Web 2.0 is only effective if you actually spend time interacting with your clients and customers. can help you create a social network - BUT it is your job to nurture its growth and development.

Here are some important questions to think about: Does your website have a Blog? Do you have a syndicated RSS newsfeed or a podcast? Can visitors add content from your website to their homepages, FaceBook pages, MySpace pages, Blogs, personal websites, and social networking communities? Do you offer professional banners for people to refer traffic from their site to yours? Is it easy for people to share your website with their friends?

Is your business ready for Web 2.0? Don't let your competition get the jump on you by ignoring this new trendy technology. Call now to find out how you can expand your company's visibility through existing Social Networking sites and Internet communities.


W3C HTML Code Validation

We all know that any kid can put a web page on the Internet - BUT does your company's website LOOK like it really was published by children? or does it look professional? Coding gets complicated because typical designers aren't the best programmers (and vice-versa). Professional web developers can tell (with just a glance at your code) if your web page was created by an expert, a novice, and even if it was generated by a computer; if you can read the language, it's as easy as choosing 'View Source' out of the view menu of your web browser.

First of all, you can just look at the code to see if it is orderly and organized - or if it is hacked-up reprocessed code that is Frankensteined together from other web pages or templates within a web page 'generator' application.

The easiest way to judge the quality a web programmer is by using W3C's Code Validation tool. Simply go to the W3C Validator Tool and type in the URL of the page you want to check and it will tell you exactly how many errors there are in your code and it will offer an explanation for each of the errors. How good is YOUR web designer?

The inventor of the World Wide Web (as we know it) is working with a group of individuals at W3C to create web standards that make it easier for HTML code programmers to write code that will look the same in every web browser (Safari, FireFox, Opera, Internet Explorer). The W3C code standards incorporate worldwide handicap accessibility and ADA standards. Click either of the badges (below) to validate the source code of this web site.

Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional Valid CSS!

All web programming work done by validates as 100% perfect, error-free, compliant code by the W3C standards. This includes not only the HTML code, but also the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) code that controls global styles for the site, the RSS Newsfeeds, plus any javascripts, Flash movies, multimedia, or additional code that is embedded within the HTML code. Our Code Markup Validation Service is also available for existing web sites (validation work is billed by the hour).

We can tell you how good your web designer is doing and how much it will cost to fix all of his mistakes at this point. Ask to evaluate the quality of the HTML source code on your website now - before the jungle of errors becomes unusable.


Website Accessibility

Web site accessibility doesn't just mean meeting the ADA standards that allow handicapped people to use your web site. It is very important to have a User Interface that is easy to use for users to navigate through the pages of your site. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows users to associate the image of a button or icon with the page that it references. This increases global productivity in addition to making the pages of your web site more inviting and accessible to the public.

We can make your website more accessible to your users AND to the search engine spiders that are indexing your site, which in-turn makes your site more accessible to prospects who have never heard of your company. Ask what can be done to make your website more accessible.


Advanced SEO Copywriting

The most important first step to having a respectable web site is not having typos, spelling or grammatical errors in the text on your pages. First impressions can be ruined by a simple typo on an Internet where we are constantly being warned not to be fooled by web sites that are not exactly what they appear to be.

Machine Spell Checkers can usually pick up most spelling errors - BUT even the best spellcheckers can only find half of the grammatical errors in a document. Machines can only use references (like a Dictionary, Encyclopedia, or Thesaurus) to compare words and phrases you wrote with words that exist in the references.

The fact is that most humans aren't even capable of writing a full error-free page in his/her native language. Only extremely alert and well-educated professionals can take a page of poorly written text and transform it into a well-written masterpiece. Often, entire paragraphs and sentences are rearranged to combine similar ideas in a manner that best communicates the writer's ideas to the audience. combines SEO copywriting with great sales copy to entice human readers, as well as enticing the search engine robots to index the information to be later shown to relevant prospects who will most appreciate what you have written. Ask us for some examples of what we can do to increase the usability and overall effectiveness of your web site.


Custom Web Imaging

Does you web site look like a free clip-art page? Does it look like the photos on your site were pasted on the pages by a class kindergarteners right before naptime? can help you develop your company into a brand that people will remember and easily associate with your products and services. We can design logos from scratch and implement them as headers on all of your webpages (even on your office stationary and business cards). We can design custom layouts for all of your pages that will standardize the look and feel of your site. We can also create custom (search engine friendly) image titles to replace plain text Anything from custom background images, desktop pictures for your office computers, custom icons for distributable files, to

The days of plain black and white text are gone. Don't just tell us you want your pages to be red and green for Christmas; tell us you want red velvet ribbons and green pine trees as a theme so we can use the colors and textures that mother nature has provided us with. The International Art Store chose Malachite Stone as its theme because it is a lighter and prettier color than Jade. This site is written on parchment that was stretched over a solid gold frame; the titles are delicious chocolate cookies with sugar frosting - but please don't eat them (they're for the search engine robots). makes it affordable for small businesses to have websites that look as good (or better) than their well-funded corporate competition. Call now and ask how our digital eye candy can make your website look more delicious.


Automate Repetitive Tasks

Everyone that walks into a doctor's office is given the same exact form and then they proceed to waste 15 minutes filling out the form before they can get in line behind twelve other people with the same annoying paper form. Modern technology now allows doctors to offer a PDF (Portable Document Format) on their website that patients can download and fill out at home; patients can print out their forms and walk in the door ready to go - or even eMail it back to the reception desk to have it waiting for them even before they leave the house. This saves money, time, and makes it easier for the doctor's staff AND for the patient.

There are many ways to utilize modern technology to reduce the impact of repetitive tasks. It becomes very unproductive (not to mention boring) to do the same exact thing over and over again. Other great examples include: distribution of news, press releases, memorandums, calendars, collecting and managing a database of your client's names and personal information, and much more. No one will ever argue that eternal boredom is more productive than pushing a button and having your work done for you.

If you have a repetitive task (or form) that you think could be automated, call and ask us if there is technology available to handle it for you.


Website Architecture and File Structure

The first building block for a web site is the Site Architecture or File Structure. It is very important to make sure the files of your website are well organized. If your visitors cannot figure out how to navigate through the different sections of your website, they might leave your site frustrated with a nothing more than a bad first impression of your company. Your page titles, file names, file extensions, support files (css, cgi, etc.), images, sitemaps, folders, sub-folders, and every file on your web server should be logically organized.

In addition to making it easier for your human visitors, the developer should also be expecting specific visitors that aren't human. Search engine robots usually start on your home page and they make an ordered list of the pages on your site that they want to index next; this sitemap should be designed by the developer and ready for the robots to find, index, and follow. There are also specific files that certain robots expect to see on your site and they will spend time looking for them even if they don't exist; these files are supposed to contain information about your company and site for directories that will automatically publish EXACTLY what you provide.

If your original developer could not manage your files properly, how can you expect an unfamiliar developer to productively work on the site? The last thing you want to do is pay your salary employee to spend hours deciphering a random filing system in order to find the contact page that you asked him to update with the company's new fax number. I'm not even going to mention those who have file names like 32.htm or untitled.html or even worse like productid=2468?longtitle&no1willre-mem-ber.php custom designs a logical filing system for each of our clients to suit their specific needs. These systems are designed to evolve as your company and site evolves. It's so easy that any web developers could find and update your pages, files, and images without wasting an entire minute trying to figure out what they're looking at. Ask us to check out your Site Architecture before it becomes unmanageable.


Update Your Site's Information

People who search the Internet now have access to the latest news - as soon as it happens. If the information on your web site is outdated, people aren't going to hang around long enough to read it. Even if people do read your whole web site, they need to have a good reason to come back and visit your site again in the future. Awaiting fresh content could be their reason. If you are a respectable company with quality products and services - it should always be easier to sell to those who already know your company and are returning to buy more.

The pages that get the most traffic on the Internet are home pages that have their content updated daily. People check major news websites for today's headlines. People like to visit their favorite comic artists everyday to see the new comics. Some people check top-ten lists for movies at the box office or check on eBay to see if any new items have listed.

It's your responsibility as a business owner to give your visitors a reason to return. The more screen time your site gets, the more people see it (people in the same room as the viewer) and more people will talk about it. There are many new services available for people to even add content from your site to their personal homepage,, or FaceBook and MySpace pages. RSS news feeds and widgets allow people to roll your headlines (with links to your pages) all over the Internet's Social Networks.

Get on the ball and give your clients a little action to show them how much you appreciate their loyal traffic (not to mention their money). Call now and ask us for a free evaluation your site. The worst that could happen is you end up with a list of areas in which to improve.


Add Advanced Website Features

Everyone loves toys, right? There are so many new toys and widgets that we can add to our websites these days. Blogs, forums, and chat provide 24/7 human interaction where people can talk about your company and topics related to your field. RSS news feeds allow you to easily syndicate your headlines and stories all over the Internet to subscribers who are notified as soon as you post the news. We can post local weather on our websites - and no matter where the visitors come from, they will see the temperature in their own backyard. Multimedia like streaming music or podcasts, movies, Flash animations, live webcams, and virtual reality (VR's) can be added to websites to make them come alive. Allowing visitors to search your site, take polls and surveys, and even add comments or ratings are also very popular features. And of course, you'll want to check out the traffic in your brand new website statistics tool.

If you thought there was a limit to what we can do with websites these days - you can even add a Pac-Man game to your website that visitors can actually play and interact with. Games might not sell your products for you, but think about the toys we can expect in the future. Modernize your website today and let your clients have a little fun while they're giving you money. If they enjoy what you offer, they will likely return with all their friends.


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