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Want #1 Keywords Ranking in Search Engines?

The battle-royal for the best search engine online has been raging for nearly a decade now. Google is definitely the king of the hill, however there are still many big contenders in the ring and many new search engines are still climbing into the ring.

Google is the most important search engine because Google gives the most relevant results. Google uses a very complicated algorithm based on Google Page Rank to determine how sites will rank for specific keywords. Yahoo and Live Search (MSN) are useful search engines for searching for brand new web sites; however, both Yahoo and Live Search (MSN) add "sponsored results" into the mix.

The easiest way to know how much (and what kind) of traffic a site should receive is to find out how you rank in major search engines. There are many tools that you can use to check the ranks of your keywords - some are free and some cost money. The problem is that most of these tools will return results that are not accurate and the results are constantly fluctuating. One day you could be ranked #1 for a keyword - and the next day you find the same listing on page two. Automatic rank checkers work fine for ballpark figures; nevertheless, the best way to know exactly where your site ranks for a certain keyword is to look yourself by manually typing in your search phrase into the search engine that you want to test it in.

Custom search engines can be utilized to allow your visitors to search your site exclusively, however you must at least rank for the keywords that they type in to search.


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