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GoDaddy hosting comes with 501 free eMail addresses. Your default website eMail address is 100 MB, and the others (5x100) share 500 MB of space. The free accounts are typically more than any small business would ever need. If you need to send larger files, for $30 per year you can get 100 more eMail accounts with 1 GB storage (each additional GB is about $10).


Set-Up Your GoDaddy eMail

Here is everything you need to know to setup eMail:


FIRST: Reset You Password

You can login directly to GoDaddy's secure eMail server ( to retrieve your eMail when you are away from your own computer. It is important that you RESET YOUR PASSWORD immediately using the webmail interface on the secure server:

If you can remember the address, you can get your eMail anywhere, from any computer with an Internet connection.


Use an eMail Program (not webmail)

Most people don't use Internet Explorer, nor any web browser to send and receive eMail (i.e. Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, MSN, AOL). You should be using a program that is designed exclusively for eMail. On Windows, the standard eMail programs are Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, and Outlook (download the latest version at

The best eMail software is a program called Mail by Apple (Mac only).


Set-Up Your Account

After you Install an eMail program and run it for the first time, you need to set-up your eMail accounts. You set it up once and your eMail program will check your eMailbox automatically and notify you when you have new mail.

There are four things that you need to know to set-up any eMail program to send and receive messages with your eMail accounts.

1. User Name: Your whole eMail address IS your user name.

2. Password: (contact administrator for a temporary password)

3. Incoming (POP3) eMail server:

4. Outgoing (SMTP) eMail server:

This SMTP server requires a password to login to it; the User Name is your eMail address and the password is your regular eMail password. Change the SMTP server port: 80 & the POP server port should already be 110.


Learn How to:
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