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This web site will soon be offering a step-by-step eBook that explains how to perform SEO on your own website using the latest coding techniques and search engine technology. This marketing tutorial is all you need to learn how to get your site listed in the search engines. If you do all of the research and coding yourself, you can effectively market your website online without spending a penny more.

SEO happens in the best way when the experts of the business and it's market are involved in the research process. When you deal with clients on a daily basis, you gain a knowledge of what the customers want. This knowledge is the most powerful tool utilized in SEO.

With this eBook, you will be able to learn the different processes that are necessary to optimize a web site for eCommerce. Learn what needs to be done to drive traffic directly to your site, and learn what not to do to ensure that your ranks and listings are not penalized by any of the search engines. Learn how to effectively research the keywords that will work best for your business. Compile your own powerful meta tags. Even learn how to do your own search engine submissions and sitemaps.

This is a very affordable approach to do-it-yourself SEO. Internet marketing can be fun and easy.


SEO Internet Marketing Tutorial

In addition to the SEO eBook, we are also offering a step-by-step online marketing tutorial. You complete a twenty-step program that will teach you how to do SEO on your own. You can take your own sweet time and do each step as you get to it. You will also have access to our expert consultants so you can ask questions if you get stuck, have questions, or just want to learn more.


10 Good Reasons to Modernize Your Website


  1. Organic S.E.O. = R.O.I.
  2. Web 2.0: Social Networking
  3. W3C Code Validation
  4. Web Site Accessibility
  5. Advanced SEO Copywriting
  6. Custom Web Imaging
  7. Automate Repetitive Tasks
  8. Site Architecture
  9. Update Your Site's Information
  10. Add Advanced Site Features

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