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In order to promote the great state of Minnesota, is offering discount pricing for web design and development services (including SEO). Industry standard Web Design and Development rates vary from $40 to $100/hour ($80/hour for creative design & $200/hour for marketing). BUT - when you compare the cost and quality with our competition, you'll see that we are in a league of our own.

Did the guys that designed your website know what they were doing? Try clicking the W3C HTML Code Validation button at the bottom of this page and you will see that there are NO errors on ANY of the pages of this website. Now type in the URL (web address) of YOUR company's web site into the W3C HTML Validator. Try validating the code on the homepage of the company that designed your website. The difference in workmanship will also be that obvious when it comes to HTML coding, graphic design, web imaging, photo enhancements, website architecture / file structure, and also in the SEO (passive marketing) and traditional marketing goals of converting traffic from SEO into sales. Without even reading the source code, if you just look at it you can see the obvious care taken to optimize the HTML code - as opposed to machine generated websites like WordPress (often you can tell the author doesn't actually know how to code HTML).


Blaine, MN Web Site Design and Development Services

Current Special $25/hour!

The owner of has a new office in Blaine, Minnesota, just north of Highway 10 (610) on Highway 65 (Central Avenue). If you own a small business in Blaine, this is your big chance to propel your marketing campaign to the next level. You will probably never have another opportunity to get work this good at such a great price - so don't throw THIS fish back into the lake.


Special pricing available for Blaine, MN small business owners


10 Good Reasons to Modernize Your Website



Organic S.E.O. = R.O.I.


Web 2.0: Social Networking


W3C Code Validation


Web Site Accessibility


Advanced SEO Copywriting


Custom Web Imaging


Automate Repetitive Tasks


Site Architecture


Update Your Site's Information


Add Advanced Site Features




Web Site Design and Development Examples

Free Geothermal Energy
Taxidermy Trophy Room
Central Fence, MN
Calvary Center Cooperative in Golden Valley, MN
Complete Carpet Care in MN
itransport4u Art Delivery Service
GEO SCAN WEST Surveying and High-Definition 3D Scanning in California


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