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Web Site Design and Development Services

In today's market, you need to be advertising your business online with your own proprietary web site. Advertising online is much more affordable than traditional newspaper, classified, or yellow page ads and there is a greater return on your investment (ROI).


Custom Website Development ($150/hour) can custom design an elite web site from scratch or improve and enhance your existing web site. Expect nothing less than a high-end, top-of-the-line web site that will blow your competition out of the water with natural and ethical marketing strategies. We offer a full range of business solutions for the internet. elite web sites attract more traffic, keep new visitors that find the site through search engines and incoming links, and convert traffic into sales to maximize the ROI of your online presence.

You get a web site that looks awesome AND naturally receives traffic from search engines (like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN / Live Search) that is real people who are already interested in your web site because they found you naturally by searching the web for your keywords, read your listings, and already clicked on the link to your site. Call now and find out why SEO has the highest ROI of any form of business marketing on Earth.


S.E.O. = Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO services and solutions are explained in detail on another page. Search engine optimization is the art of attaining the highest ranks possible on the first page of search engine queries for keywords that are relevant to your web site. Nobody can guarantee ranks in major search engines - but can provide a level playing field for your web site to compete with the best in the business. If your competition's web site is not optimized for search engines - the playing field will be tilted towards you, and potential customers will find your web site before they even see that you have competition further down the result list. When you are constantly passively advertising with natural SEO, Web Marketing can expand to new audiences everywhere.

We first familiarize ourselves with you and your company - because you know your business and audience better than we do (because that's YOUR job); our job is to make you look good and get you more work so you can spend YOUR time doing what you're best at. Our services are NOT automated; everything we do is done by experts that are familiar with your business and your audience. We know where the best places are to list your specific site so you can be found in search engines, directories, with any local business search and consulting so you can follow along and track the changes as your site's traffic increases exponentially.

Custom SEO Services and Solutions


Web Site Architecture and File Structure

The architecture of a web site is very important. New visitors need to understand exactly what they are looking at within seconds upon arriving to your web site. Your web site also needs an intuitive user interface - so even children can figure out how to quickly browse through your pages to find what they seek. File structure is also very important - not only for the webmaster to be able to update the information and add new pages, but also for search engines like Google to easily index your entire site as quickly as possible and keep your listings updated and ranking well. can restructure existing sites and reroute current search engine listings to the new pages. All of our work is specifically designed to be editable by any standard program with a logical file structure that is easily understandable; this means that clients should be able to update their own sites almost as easily as any web professional could.


Advanced Imaging and Web Image Enhancement

Many sites on the Internet have boring clip art graphics that takes away from the quality of the site's appearance. makes sites look awesome and attractive to potential clients and customers by adding advanced imaging to the table. Entire layouts can be designed or improved for new or existing web sites. creates JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF, PCT, TIFF, and practically any other standard image format for web or print use. We can even produce roll-over images, animated GIFs, and Adobe Flash animations. Of course, the big buzz in web imaging these days is favicons - the little icon that appears next to a page's title when you bookmark it.


Advanced Imaging and Web Image Enhancement

Many sites on the Internet have boring clip art graphics that takes away from the quality of the site's appearance. makes sites look awesome and attractive to potential clients and customers by adding advanced imaging to the table. Entire layouts can be improved for existing web sites. If you have photo images on your site that are washed out, too dark, or just need a color adjustment, we can simply enhance your existing images to their correct colors (sometimes we can even show you parts of the image that were not visible due to exposures). can enhance JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF, PCT, TIFF, and practically any other standard image format for web or print use.


Custom Logo Design

Need a new logo for your website? produces awesome logos and can also produce stationary templates for office use including some of the coolest business cards that you've ever seen. Branding is an often neglected aspect of marketing campaigns.


GUI Interface Design and Production

Navigation is necessary for any multi-page web site so visitors can find what they want intuitively. Everybody wants to have cool buttons on their web site and produces the coolest buttons around. Just tell us what material you want us to build them out of and we will design the perfect buttons for your site. We can produce drop-down menus too, but standard buttons and text links are highly recommended for general site navigation mostly for marketing reasons. New GUI interfaces can be implemented on most existing web sites.


Multimedia Web Site Enhancements

Adding multimedia to a website really enhances the user's experience. Sound effects, music, and movies offer new ways to communicate online instead of boring old text files. We can produce Flash movies, Quicktime movies, MP3 audio files, AIFF or WAV audio files. Interactive virtual reality movies like panoramas and object VRs are also available.


Advanced Web Site Features can equip your website with many advanced features that take advantage of new technologies available since the Internet was developed. We consider contact forms, frequently asked questions, and eMail services to be a standard part of any web site. More advanced features would be like running a forum, blog, or serving a syndcated RSS feed or Podcast from your website. Machine translators can display your web pages in twelve different languages. Collecting statistics and being able to update your Sitemaps and notify the search engines when you have new ages and content are very useful tools for optimal performance.

Social bookmarketing is getting more popular as viral marketing continues to bring massive surges of traffic to new catchy and fun web sites. Using a calendar, a newsletter or ezine, and a guestlist are great ways to maintain return traffic levels by notifying people who enjoy your site when you have new content available for them. Anything that enhances the user's experience is almost always a good thing as long as it keeps them entertained on your site so they will be sure to visit again later - with their friends.


SEO Copywriting

Business web sites should always be checked by a professional copywriter. You don't want any spelling or grammar errors to give your site visitors the impression that your company is not professional. As our attention spans decrease and our desire for faster service increases, site visitors demand immediate service or they will leave your site and find another site that is easier to understand. We can teach you the best ways to communicate with your visitors so they get the picture without having to read the thousand words that it's worth. also does SEO copywriting that optimizes pages for keword ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Live. Ask us about some of the kewords that our current clients have locked.


W3C HTML Code Validation

W3C code validation is quite the buzz these days. Everyone wants to get the best ranks possible in Google because more traffic means more money. When the code (that your web pages are written in) is valid: pages will load and work well in any browser on any computer; handicapped visitors will be able to easlily use your ADA compliant site with their readers; search engine spiders won't leave your site without indexing it when they get tripped up in broken or poorly written HTML code; pages are smaller and load faster; and countless similar benefits.


eCommerce Web Sites

Retail web sites can be outfitted with eCommerce solutions like shopping carts and the abiity to process live orders online via checks or credit cards so you can sell products and services directly online. It's amazing how much money a properly optimized web site can make when you are advertising to the entire world.

When you have a professional consultant, marketing eMail campaigns can be easily organized and managed. We will help you syndicate your own news, press releases, and send out a monthly newsletter to your subscribers.



10 Good Reasons to Modernize Your Website


  1. Organic S.E.O. = R.O.I.
  2. Web 2.0: Social Networking
  3. W3C Code Validation
  4. Web Site Accessibility
  5. Advanced SEO Copywriting
  6. Custom Web Imaging
  7. Automate Repetitive Tasks
  8. Site Architecture
  9. Update Your Site's Information
  10. Add Advanced Site Features

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Website Design and Development Examples

There are millions of web sites out there and it's becoming more and more difficult to make your web site stand out in the crowd. The websites that produces are so fine that we want you to see for yourself what web sites are supposed to look like.

Click on any of the banners below to see what an elite web site looks like. developed and produced all of the layouts, pages, user interfaces, graphic images, HTML code, extensive SEO copywriting, and optimized all of them for high ranking listings in search engines.


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