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Everyone loves toys, right? There are so many new toys and widgets that we can add to our websites these days. Blogs, forums, and chat provide 24/7 human interaction where people can talk about your company and topics related to your field. RSS news feeds allow you to easily syndicate your headlines and stories all over the Internet to subscribers who are notified as soon as you post the news. We can post local weather on our websites - and no matter where the visitors come from, they will see the temperature in their own backyard. Multimedia like streaming music or podcasts, movies, Flash animations, live webcams, and virtual reality (VR's) can be added to websites to make them come alive. Allowing visitors to search your site, take polls and surveys, and even add comments or ratings are also very popular features. And of course, you'll want to check out the traffic in your brand new website statistics tool.

Advanced Web Site Features

If you thought there was a limit to what we can do with websites these days - you can even add a Pac-Man game to your website that visitors can actually play and interact with. Games might not sell your products for you, but think about the toys we can expect in the future. Modernize your website today and let your clients have a little fun while they're giving you money. If they enjoy what you offer, they will likely return with all their friends.

Google is now offering more than 2500 "Gadgets For Your Web Page". Gadgets offer advanced functionality to your pages like fully functional clocks, calendars, weather, maps, many reference tools, and even games.


10 Good Reasons to Modernize Your Website


  1. Organic S.E.O. = R.O.I.
  2. Web 2.0: Social Networking
  3. W3C Code Validation
  4. Web Site Accessibility
  5. Advanced SEO Copywriting
  6. Custom Web Imaging
  7. Automate Repetitive Tasks
  8. Site Architecture
  9. Update Your Site's Information
  10. Add Advanced Site Features

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Elite Website Design and Development Examples

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