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Client / Customer Support

Responsible businesses have customer support centers to assist people who purchase their goods and services. Taking the initiative to even attempt this, at least shows that you care about them enough to want them to come back; they will respect you for that. This page also saves you time and money by automating recurring procedures.


Shareholder Support

Shareholders meetings are often held in a similar manner every time they meet. Automating part of this proceedure can save you valuable meeting time while keeping all parties more informed. Give them access to your traffic statistics and standard charts online in a printable format that they can read and bring to the meeting. You can also integrate this with a calendar that automatically schedules meetings and contacts those involved for prior schedule approval.


Employee Support

If you have employees, dedicating a private section to them can save you time and money while increasing productivity. Work schedules can be maintained in private calendars that your employees can access from home even at 3:AM. Employee handbooks and work ethics standards can even be published online to save a couple bucks on printing costs.


Partner Support

With new online communities popping up every day, it has become increasingly easy to horizontally or vertically partner with other companies whom you buy from, sell to, or work in compatible industries. Dedicating a page to partners makes it easier to communicate with them. Offer custom banners and ad links that partners can use to link their websites to your pages.


Human Resources / Job Postings

It's a good idea to be collecting résumés incase your marketing venture takes off and you need to hire more people to help you get your work done. Post jobs for which you are hiring and post the requirements so your applicants can prepare a better presentation for you.


Press / Media Center

If you are good at what you do, journalists will write articles about you in the news, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and in a variety of online and print media. It is a lot easier for them to write articles if you have a press section on your website. Give them downloadable print-quality images and articles; post links to other articles about you and make it EASY for them to compile an informative article without spending a lot of time doing research. If it isn't EASY for them to write an article about you, they can always find another story to write about on their long list of stories of the day.


Affiliate Center

With the Web 2.0 social networking craze driving millions of people to assemble on the Internet, marketing teams have been capitalizing on the "word of mouth" method. Offer a small percentage of your profit to a fleet of sales reps who get you work and keep you busy. offers a 10% profit commission to anyone who gives us a paying lead. Give them custom banners and ad links that link their websites to your pages and track the traffic that comes from their sites to yours.


References / Testimonials

Ask your best clients to write testimonials to help assure new clients of the quality and reputation of your work. Allow them to submit feedback or grade you on your work. The most reputable companies have stacks of signed testimonials that they use to close sales.


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