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Legal Policy & Agreements


User's Agreement

There are many reasons why companies publish user's agreements on their websites. It is an easy way to discuss your rules and policy, while deferring liability from yourself to your website's users. If you allow people to publish unapproved content directly to your site (i.e. MySpace, Amazon book reviews), there is a very good chance that someone will try to abuse the system - and in that case, you want to be legally protected from any damage that may ensue.


Privacy Policy

Due to an avalanche of nasty spam eMails and 'do not call' lists, Privacy Policies are taken very seriously by web consumers. If you have forms on your website (i.e. contact, subscriptions, user logins, comments, etc.), it is important to write a Privacy Policy assuring visitors that their personal information is not at risk. NOT having a Privacy Policy could mean the difference between closing a sale and having your prospect walk away to never return.


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