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Introduction to Your Website



One of the easiet ways to bring life to a website is the addition of multimedia (i.e. images, photos, illustrations, video, PDF, Flash, and virtual reality). The use of multimedia is an easy way to convey information while entertaining web surfers who aren't interested in reading thousand-word text articles.

Although search engines are barely capable of indexing multimedia files, image and video search have become staples among the major search engines. Other forms of multimedia (like Flash) tend to appear as an empty gray box to search engine spiders.


Links / Resources

Adding a resources page to your website makes you an authority in your field. If you maintain enough links to related websites, others will link to your page as a resource for their websites, blogs, and social networks. Link to informative websites, references, and other resources that are of value and relevant to your site's content.


Distributable Downloads

You can easily offer distibutables to be downloaded from your website. The best example of this would be having clients download printable forms so they can fill them out at home instead of wasting your staff's time with repetitive tasks. You can offer large files or PDFs as downloads so users can continue browsing while the content is loading (plus it saves bandwidth and allows more access for them to review the content later, hopefully with friends).


Language Translations

The current tools available for language translations range from buggy to expensive. prefers to use two different versions of Altavista's Babelfish technology (now owned by Yahoo!); it's full of bugs and errors, but it's free to use and it works well in 13 of the most common languages.

If you are interested in spending a little extra money to make your website translatetable into any language, we can use paid services to translate the pages into many more foreign languages. can also translate and hard-code your website into different formats (with country extensions) that are natively written in the desired languages (this eliminates the chance of faulty translations due to incomplete dictionaries or double meanings).


Advanced Databases

Websites can serve many different forms of databases. can develop some of the most advanced custom databases with elegant interfaces that make the blue and gray databases that you're used to seeing look like toddler toys. We can also run many third-party databases at very affordable costs. Our most advanced databases are served on the Internet by secure webservers - and they are fully accessible from any computer with an Internet connection (they can also be served within private networks like an office or warehouse).


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